Friday, August 7, 2009

The Power Of Linux

Reasons Why Everyone Must Try Using Linux
1. It is FREE .
2. It is preconfigured with the basic softwares required by a common man.
3. Its interface is very aesthetic.
4. Linux has a very minimal number of viruses.
5. It is a wonderful experience installing it (WARNING:If u don't follow some simple guidelines u may lose all data on your hard disk and also your favourite OS)
6. It can help you get rid of viruses infected on your favourite OS.
7. Linux doesn't need file extensions to recognize filetypes.
8. It does not irritate you with 'genuine advantage' messages.
9. Best of all -- It is very programmer friendly and helps you to develop your own softwares,
10. If u install a wonderful software called WINE , u would even be able to install the softwares developed for your favourite OS.

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